Kadara Enyasi




Kadara, 24, is a self-trained fine art photographer from Lagos, Nigeria.

He graduated with a BSc. in Architecture from the University of Lagos and is the Co-director of the multidisciplinary fine art studio, Contact. 

His work is influenced with an understanding of form, space and perspective; mostly due to his background training as an architect. His early influences stretch from the high concept layered order of the ‘five points’ postulated by Le Corbusier to the classic avant-garde portraitures of the early West African photographers. Driven by a narrative, his eye, through the camera always sees something that wills the audience in; the images seem to riff with the shadows of a serene everyday sexual provocation. He has staged several solo and group exhibitions in Lagos and abroad. He has been featured on Nataal’s ‘Ones to watch’ list and was a finalist in the National Art Competition 2016. Kadara was appointed Junior Curator at the African Artist’s Foundation, Lagos in 2017, where he worked with the team to facilitate, exchange and build partnerships between local and international visual artists worked. His work has been printed in several publications at home and abroad.

He lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.