Larry Jay

Fashion design



Larry Jafaru Mohammed is the head designer and creative director of the Larry Jay Brand. He comes from the Northern region of Ghana Bimbila, Nanumba North District. He was born and raised in Accra the capital city of Ghana on the 17th of December 1991.

He completed his education at the Senior Secondary level at Accra Senior High School in Accra graduating in Science. He never took part in any fashion programme, but has the ambition to do so in the future.

Fashion started for him at an early age. He grew up with a family where everyone loved fashion, specifically his mom was into selling fashionable clothes and she was always interested in dressing well. He also had uncles and aunties who were into tailoring and selling of fashion related pieces.

Somehow, he believes fashion is in his genes, because after high school he disregarded other avenues of study and his passion took over. He used to patch most of his Tshirts with old wax prints from his mom’s wardrobe. She loved it, so she was always giving him more of her old wax prints to use in his creations. He also made accessories from them for himself and friends. When these pieces became more and more popular, Larry decided to commercialize his craft, leading to the commencement of his brand.

His brand started as a fashion accessories line in 2012, with a rebirth and introduction of fashion clothes in 2016. The Larry Jay Brand officially debuted its first spring summer collection in 2017. Since then he has released three major collections, 2 Spring summer collections in 2017 and 2018 and an Autumn Winter collection in 2019 and has taken part in some fashion shows in Ghana. These include, Ghana Men’s Wear Week In 2017 and 2018 and Glitz Africa Fashion Week In 2018 with a showcase of his “70’s Africa Collection”. He recently had a solo Fashion presentation for his Autumn Winter’19 Collection.His brand is generally inspired by nature, various cultures and arts. He draws his major inspiration from his parents’ style from the past, making his design aesthetic very unusual and timeless.