Omafume Niemogha

Fashion design



PEPPER ROW is a Neo luxury ready to wear brand for the bold, sophisticated and playful free spirit. The brand name comes from PEPPER, which is spice, and ROW, which can be described as a group of people in line, in essence, PEPPER ROW is for Spicy People. The brand’s ethos merges Africa’s rich cultural heritage with contemporary sophisticated designs characterized by color, texture, form, artisanal craftsmanship, quality and ethically sustainable production processes that are consciously considerate of people and the environment.

Founded by Omafume Niemogha, who was born and brought up in Lagos, Nigeria, she grew up in Lagos. The designer’s artistic sensibility was heavily influenced by her dad, who was at that time an advertising practitioner and a patron of the arts.

After obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Lagos, and going on to study Manufacturing Engineering at the University of the West of England, Bristol, Omafume decided to follow her passion for fashion. She is enthusiastic about promoting Africa’s rich culture and craftsmanship whilst generating sustainable jobs through fashion.

In 2018, she debuted her first Ready to Wear collection, REIGHÉ.