William Ukoh




“Must one be touched by grace to paint – without a brush?

Undoubtedly the fruit of hard work and passion, there is indeed something miraculous in Will’s vision that makes him a one-of-a-kind talent in his field.

From still-life portraits to highly creative staging, from realist to dreamlike ambiences, Will has the raw talent to compose photographs like masterpieces of old. Bringing together the influences of Renaissance painting and African and African-American culture, he invites us into his intimate world as a visual ambassador to these cultures that he distills and reinvents.

Along his journey, Will has built himself a new mythology: a refined, colourful aesthetic that plunges us into a world where humans become symbols, women are honoured with grace, and colours – sometimes subdued, other times vibrant with contrast. It comes to speak with awesome emotional power a view of the world that he developed while living in Nigeria.

Brands like Adidas, Puma, Nataal and magazines like Vogue and GQ have called on the intensity of Will’s art to create images that are both contemporary and timeless, not only cultural, but also personal.

Like the classic painters, Will oftens uses sky as a backdrop to his revelations, opening the viewer’s eye outward to share in this quest for freedom and into his boundless creative space.”

Photo Series - Launch


Fashion by Tokyo James and Abiola Olusola