Ginikachi Eloka




Ginikachi Eloka is a Nigerian-born visual artist whose work explores themes of femininity and style in her home country.

She stumbled into photography in 2012 while frequently capturing random intimate moments of friends and family on her mobile phone, but only took it up professionally in mid 2017. Since then, she’s produced work for Lagos Fashion Week, Sotheby’s, Alara, Elle SA, Vlisco and ART X Lagos. The idea, that a single source of influence can manifest in vastly different ways is the reason she took up art, and why she has honed on photography as her primary medium. Though she trained formally as an engineer, experimentation through photography and other media is how she explores her personal dilemmas, parsing them through her subjects, gently prodding for answers that are as yet not apparent.

She has worked with several creative partners and muses, dabbling in documentary, lifestyle curation, and thrifting as commentary on self evolution in relation to personal style. At the present, Kachi, as she prefers to be called, preoccupies herself with the art of intimate portraiture, her focus on reaching a place of immersive camaraderie with her subjects that they offer her their most vulnerable selves.

“Photography to me is immensely personal” Ginikachi offers as a token expression of the deep fascination she has with capturing and preserving vulnerability through photography.