Ofoe Amegavie




Ofoe Amegavie is a Ghanaian-born (23/04/1987) self trained photographer known for capturing the intimacy in his culture and heritage. Having been active in the industry since 2011, he has been able to create his own unique style by applying a curious and spiritual perspective to fine art photography and other genres. 


Ofoe’s passion for all things cultural and spiritual about human societies was sparked upon the discovery of his own family’s ancestry, dating back to Togbui Sri I of Anloga, Volta Region (Ghana). This has led Ofoe to document as many aspects of traditional Ghanaian culture and heritage as possible and search for a different perspective on life and understanding of culture. 


Ofoe states; “throughout history, humans have always left behind stories about the time in which they lived. As time moves on, it is what we see or what we don’t see that defines our understanding of our existence here on earth. Just like my life defines my own time, my work seeks to inhabit a space and time that only my vision can define.” 


Ofoe’s works include Susuma Sane which explores the artist’s battle with depression. The first edition of Susuma Sane, entitled “Oblivion to Chaos“ was hosted by Alliance Francaise in 2014. The second edition, “Courage To Love,” was featured at Elle Lokko warehouse in 2017. 


In 2018, “After The Road Makers,” a documentary photography series, earned Ofoe a nomination for Ghana’s foremost art prize, the Kuenyehia Prize for Contemporary Ghanaian Art. The series covers the traditions, cultural practices, and festivals of his home country. 


In 2017, he was the main photographer behind the scenes on set during the making of the movie The Burial of Kojo directed by Blitz The Ambassador. He was also part of Accra’s first ever Ghana Photo Festival organised by Nuku Studio. Ofoe’s work was part of the exhibition,  Concrete Skeletons, 2019 organised by Limbo Accra In partnership with Ikea and Space10 in Amsterdam. 


Ofoe has experience working with fashion brands such as Duaba Serwa, frequent collaborator Steve French, Peet dullaert, Vlisco&Co and Nike. He has also worked on photo stories and essays for international publication by magazines such as Fader Magazine, Hunger magazine, or Nataal Media. He is currently among the talents selected for the West Africa Visual Journalism Fellowship organised by World Press Photo.


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