Papa Oyeyemi

Fashion design



Papa Oyeyemi is a Nigeria-based androgynous fashion designer and creative head of the Maxivive Group of Fashion Brands. He started his career in fashion as a 15years old designer, who doubled then as an editor to ”UTOPIA”, a high school publication. At 21, he became the Editor-in-Chief of Rough Africa, a sister publication to Rough UK, Rough Newyork, and Rough Italia, all under the Rough Global Parent company. 

Papa soon moved on to become the Deputy editor of MADE magazine, a menswear and lifestyle giant publication in Nigeria. While editing the MADE magazine, he badged his first degree in Child and Family Psychology, started the first ever Psycho-entertainment tweet show (Late Night with Papa), Papa’s Daily, a daily stress reduction and life support program via social media. 

With a full vision ahead, Papa left MADE magazine to fully focus on his brand, MAXIVIVE. This decision saw massive increase in the success of his own brand and also help expand the brand with creations of two other brands; MXVV, a sport luxe extension of Maxivive and BODUN, a limited edition subsidized high-street fashion brand. Not to mention, several features in international publications and long-term exhibitions of his creations in Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton, UK and another one that ran into the beginning of 2019 from 2018 in TropenMuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. His brand, Maxivive was also one of the brands currently exhibiting at the global design politics exhibition for the Maximilians Forum in Munich.  

Papa Oyeyemi’s creations are regarded as boundary-pushing, groundbreaking and very original, with acknowledgment status credit from Vogue Magazine for scrapping the Western notion of seasons (Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter) and taking after the seasons on the Western Africa Subcontinent (Dry, Wet and Harmattan). 

In May 2018, Papa launched Bó Young Creatives (Bóyc), an encyclopedia initiative that he regards as the crystal ball of underground culture through young creatives. Papa Oyeyemi was nominated for the Future Awards prize for Fashion and he won the SoundCity MVP Awards in January 2019 for his innovation in Nigerian Fashion using Maxivive.