Rebecca Zoro

Fashion design


Ivory Coast

Rebecca Zoro, designer of the brand YHEBE DESIGN was born and raised in Ivory Coast. From childhood onwards, clothes fascinated her. In 2014 Rebecca decided to take a training course to realize her dream: to make clothes. With her degree in hand, she continued her career in a couture house in Ivory Coast. Through this journey of initiation, thanks to the encounters she makes and the emotions that permeate her, she develops her work around romanticism. Back in Abidjan, Rebecca Zoro fulfills her childhood dream by creating the YHEBE DESIGN brand.  When she decided to embark on the adventure of creation, Rebecca looked for the perfect name, one that would contain in itself all the emotions she wants to convey.  As a child, her father called her by a small emotional name: YHEBE. 

“Do not wait until tomorrow, choose the roses of life today”   - Pierre de Ronsard

YHEBE represents an odyssey of love and sensitivity.  Her delicacy is reminiscent of the rose, which Rebecca adopted as a muse and emblem. The aesthetics of YHEBE originated in the 1920s, a period during which the charms were defined in these straight cuts, always very feminine, geometric lines softened by fluid and delicate fabrics. The clean lines, the simple, modern and elegant silhouettes are the signature of YHEBE. This creative work has allowed the ready-to-wear brand to emerge in two years. The novel of the rose between Rebecca Zoro and the public through YHEBE DESIGN will continue to be written with romance and elegance.