Ushie Kingsley

Fashion design



USHIE Kingsley Unimke born 18th December 1992, is a native of Obudu in Cross River State Nigeria and the third child of a family of four. At a tender age, he represented and won several awards for his secondary school in the fine art department.

In his early younger days, his siblings and himself were disintegrated between relatives so they could be cared for. In this moment, fashion illustration and the beauty of art gave him hope for a beautiful future and strength.

In 2012, USHIE started a career as a model signed under ISIS Modelling Agency just after high school and realized the real beauty in fashion and decided to take up his main focus as a designer. 

In 2016 he moved to Ghana, starting a new life and has been in Ghana till date. He wants to tell his story to the world and inspire young people like himself that they too can be great because he speaks the language of the future…