A Conversation With #1: Dafe Oboro - Lagos, Nigeria


‘A Conversation With’ is a series of documentary films on the lives of the talents from the Vlisco&co network. The series follows young people from different cities in the African continent, through a regular day and their favourite places. They share their origin, inspirations, beliefs and passion for what they do.


Dafe Oboro

Dafe Oboro is a filmmaker, producer, portrait and documentary photographer who focuses his lens sensitively on communities in the sprawling commercial city of Lagos and the people who call it home. His work addresses issues of masculinity, social marginalization, migration, culture and identity.



“Lagos is a beautiful struggle. Some days, you are like, I just want to be here. And other days, you are like, I want to go, I want to go somewhere quiet. I want to live my life, I want to be sleeping, I do not want any of this noise.”⠀— Dafe Oboro