Eindhoven (NL),


Dutch Design Week 2019 - the Youth of Africa


Vlisco&co: presents the works of young creative talents across Africa, expressing modern culture through collaboration and experimentation.

Vlisco&co continuously seeks to work with young experimental creative talent from a range of African countries. This exhibition is centered around the works of fashion designers, filmmakers, photographers and graphic designers from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Through their work we learn, listen.

Vlisco Netherlands established a new venture in 2017 which it named Vlisco&co. The name speaks not only of Vlisco and its partners but also of collaboration and cooperation. The presence of Vlisco prints in Africa since the end of the 19th century could never have happened without the collaboration and cooperation of the African traders and without those who turned the fabric into clothing of extraordinary self-expression. That is how Vlisco’s past developed and still continues today, largely in the same vein. So when Vlisco looks to the future it is normal for it to think of future partners and future collaboration and cooperation. This means engaging with the youth of Africa. Vlisco decided to seek young, creative and experimental talent to form a network of young people across Africa. This network would interact to debate and define modern African culture and to discuss how the role of printed fabric would evolve in the years to come. 56 young people of outstanding vision and creativity already form the basis of a growing network.

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