Fashion Film Awards 2020

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Call For Entries

Calling all talented film lovers and film makers!



Got a good idea for a film? Something that hasn’t been done before? Do you have a vision or a new story to tell? Want to learn more about how to give shape to your ideas?

Then we have a brilliant opportunity for you!

We are offering young, experimental Nigerian talents the chance to get some exclusive film training, funding of a film project and the chance to be the first winner of a new film award!

Who are we looking for?

Authentic, driven and daring people with a love for the moving image.

What is the program like?

The top 10 applicants will be invited to a week-long film workshop in April-May.

You will learn about technical skills such as: Adobe After Effects, colour correction, filming and editing. You’ll also have the opportunity to listen, work with experts and learn about aesthetics, storytelling, photography and build your portfolio. All the equipment for the week is supplied.

At the end of the week, the jury will choose three of the ten applicants, who will each get a budget to develop their own film.

The grand finale will be unveiled in July. Vlisco&co will screen the final films during an event. The winner will be selected from the three finalists, during that screening.

What do you win?

The prizes for the ultimate winner are:
- Film equipment
- Funding of the next film, in 2021
- An inspirational, educational week-long trip to Europe
- Becoming a jury member for FFA 2021

Apply now!

To apply send an email to:

Make sure to include the following.

ONE: personal basic information
- Full name:
- Phone number:
- Email address:
- Instagram name (if applicable):

TWO: more about you
- A photo of you
- Tell us something about you

THREE: your interests
- A photo taken by you from your favorite location in Nigeria
- An explanation of why this is your favorite location
- Five photographs taken by you

FOUR: your film idea
- tell us the story of your film

FIVE: example of video
- send us a video made by you, of a minimum length of one minute

Deadline for applications: 18-02-2020