Amma Aboagye




With over 12 years of success building new and innovative products within non- profits, businesses and government organizations, Amma considers herself a cultural innovator driving intrapreneurship in Africa. Whether it is boosting innovative strategic thinking to lead international developments that support education, health, security and economic growth to promoting African and Afrodiasporan cultural relics into innovative products that can be promoted for global consumption for local wealth creation.


Amma has done everything from hosting a youth empowerment radio show on YFM called the MPwr Show, to coordinating the largest nationwide randomized control trial study on education in the world, to founding the Afropole and hosting the first every Wax Print Fest in 2019. Amma is a fervent believer in the power of people to drive change and has been using various forms of media, including blogs and radio programming, to empower youth and promote meaningful conversations about the role Afrodiasporans play in their global advancement.


In 2017, Amma launched The Afropole, a brokerage that seeks to connect African and Afrodiasporan businesses in the food, beauty and creative spaces. The Afropole does this through communications, merchandise, advisory and events, such as the recently ended  Wax Print Festival which included conversations on the intersections of arts, culture and research. Amma is passionate about the nexus between innovation, culture and economic growth, and believes that Africans and Afrodiasporans have the power to use the work of their hands to bring a new world economic order.


When Amma is not working, she can be found praise dancing on instagram and making flexitarian meals inspired by African ingredients. You can find Amma on twitter, instagram and on her podcast, Inside Out by Amma G


“How do we bring to light other stories and the uniqueness of the black identity?” - Amma Aboagye