David Boanuh




David Boanuh is a Ghanaian filmmaker.

His journey into filmmaking was birthed from an interest in travel and lifestyle filmmaking but gradually grew into documentaries and narrative films. He has worked on collaborative projects with brands including Apple, Unilever x Chelsea FC, Tony’s Chocolonely and more. His favorite directors include Stephen Spielberg, Sam Kolder and Jacob Owens. He strongly believes that the mitigation of African Single Story is largely dependent on an industry that’s still budding; the African film industry.

With this in mind, he co-founded a production company, Beautiful Stories, with the aim of representing Africa in the right light, which the media fails at. To show the world that Africa has beautiful culture that stands the test of time and Africans are a people of strength, pride, resilience and of a strong bond that cannot be broken regardless of its history.



Documentary Film