Frank Aghuno

Fashion design



Frank Aghuno is the Creative Director of contemporary fashion brand, Fruché. Aghuno is self-taught, and has always loved fashion and design. When he was just eleven years of age, he would take his mother’s Ankara head scarves and hand sew them into the skimpiest outfits.  

Fruché was founded in 2014 while Aghuno was studying Finance at the University of Lagos. The aim of creating the brand was to explore his love for fashion and also to tell rich, modern, historical and futuristic stories that challenge the notion that Nigerian/ African women are expected to look and dress a certain way.

Fruché is a mix of traditional Nigerian culture/ heritage/ artisanal techniques and contemporary design. The brand embodies a unique sensibility that seamlessly combines an outspoken narrative and a bold sensuality that is luxuriously modern.